Kerlen Taucher GmbH works exclusively according to the guidelines of the Berufsgenossenschaft (German professional association) qualifications of the IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce). These qualifications are in accordance with the European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC). If we have to work beyond our usual operating depth up to 50 m, we are able to achieve also larger depths by use of special technologies.

We keep our high standard of ability by participating in seminars with final certified examinations

  • Certified Compressed Air Technician
  • Certificate of Familiarization, Basic Safety Training and Instruction for all seafarers
  • (A-VI/1 STCW code.)
  • Welding certification (EN 287-1)
  • Underwater welding certification according to DIN EN ISO 15618-1
  • Wet Welding Process AWS D 3.6 m (Germanischer Lloyd.)
  • Application of mixed gas

Our managing director Master Diver Karl Kerlen is also certified in maintenance of water bodies.


  • Member of BG Bau (German professional association)
  • Member of VDTB (Federation of german diving and salvage contractors)
  • Member of DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste)
  • Member of IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

Our operational managers are certified according to SCC.